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Expo Tent Details

The Spring, 2018 Outdoor Adventure Expo will be under the tents in our parking lot, just as the Spring Expo has been for over fifteen years.

We do not yet know if we will have one or two exhibitor tents, so if you want to ensure you have a booth, sign up and pay for your booth now.

Speakers and programs will once again be focused in the Humphrey and Carlson schools on the U of M campus (no changes).

Posted:  02/14/2018
Announcing the Spring
Outdoor Adventure Expo

April 27, 28, 29  2018

Announcing the Winter
Outdoor Adventure Expo

November 16, 17, 18  2018

Please review the Expo Calendar page – to see all of the important expo registration dates in one place!

Outdoor Adventure Expo – Join the Fun!

Twice annually Midwest Mountaineering hosts the Outdoor Adventure Expo, typically the last weekend of April (Spring Expo) and the second weekend of November (Winter Expo).  We blow the doors out and rent exposition tents that cover our entire parking lot, creating a very large venue that is somewhat like a small-scale state fair for outdoors enthusiasts. space from the U of M for exhibitors and presentations.

Your organization could benefit greatly from being represented at this event.

Join Us!

Come and join us under the big-top tents!

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