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Manufacturer's Reps Wanted

We realize that not every manufacturer of items sold at Midwest Mountaineering wants or needs to be represented by a booth, ad, or sponsorship presence at the Outdoor Adventure Expo.  Even though we do encourage reps to attend.  Our customers are picky and product savvy.  They come to Midwest Mountaineering because they want the best advice and information on outdoor gear.  Who knows product better than reps?

Reps work the area of the store where their products are displayed.  This is great for the manufacturer and great for Midwest Mountaineering.  More items are sold and, of course, re-ordered.  Our customers expect expertise from the staff and we do appreciate the extra expertise which you can offer.  Please note that to feature your items more prominently the booth / ad / sponsorship options are still the better way to get a bigger share of our 10,000 customers.

Please contact about your presence at the Expo.

Page Updated:  Feb 17, 2020 10:04 pm