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Promote Yourself or Organization at the Outdoor Adventure Expo!


An effective and affordable way to reach a huge market!

Becoming an Expo Sponsor dramatically increases your visibility to our attendees.  We offer a number of different sponsorship levels, which include some or all of the following benefits:

  • Booth Space:  Standard booth space is 8' x 6', with larger sizes available.
  • Expo Newspaper Ad:  20,000+ printed copies and 58,000+ digital copies of the Expo newspaper are sent to all our customers.
  • Expo Newspaper Logo Placement:  Your logo on the cover.
  • E-mail Newsletter:  Promotion to our 58,000+ e-mail newsletter subscribers.
  • Public Address Announcements:  Recognition over the Expo PA system.
  • Additional customized sponsorship benefits may be available upon request.

To reserve your Expo newspaper advertisement contact Mark Erickson, Marketing Manager, before the Expo Newspaper advertisement deadlines of March 4th (Spring Expo) or August 28th (Winter Expo).

Sponsorship Contacts

For more information or questions about becoming an Outdoor Adventure Expo Sponsor contact any of the following Midwest folks:

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