Outdoor Adventure Expo

November 19 – 21, 2021

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The Outdoor Adventure Expo Newspaper (hardcopy) is no longer mailed to customers to save trees and printing and mailing costs.  This website contains additional information and updates to newspaper information.

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Expo Sale Announcement, Expo Hours, Featured Presenters
2 Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival Tour  (formerly known as Radical Reels Tour)
3 Welcome Letter from Rod & Sharon Johnson,
Paddlesports Demo
Expo Presentation Schedule
What's New?  New & Exciting New Products
8 Camping  Sale Prices
9 Footwear  Sale Prices
10 Clothing  Sale Prices
Patagonia, Marmot, Ex-Officio
11 Paddlesports  Sale Prices, Paddlesports Demo Schedule
Canoe, Kayak, and SUP Rentals this summer!
12 Thrifty Outfitters  Sale Prices
13 Green Initiatives from Midwest Mountaineering, Expo Map and Parking
Outdoor Adventure Expo Announcement,
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Expo Newspaper
Program Updates and Typographic Corrections
Updated:  11/15/2018

  • Pages 7, 15 (print only): 
    Free Parking:
    •  Maps say $6 event parking, should be Free (limited capacity) Parking.  See all the expo parking options on the find-us page.
  • Page 14 (print only): 
    Friday, November 16th:
    •  Second column presentation location says U of M Cowles Auditorium, should be Midwest Mountaineering – Expedition Room Stage.
    •  Third column presentation location says Expedition Room, should be Exhibitor Tent.
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