Outdoor Adventure Expo

April 22 – 24, 2022

Expo Hours:

Friday  2 – 9
Saturday  10 – 6
Sunday  11 – 5


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Speaker Biographies / Program Descriptions

The Banff Centre

The Banff Mountain Film Festival (banffcentre.ca/banff-mountain-film-book-festival) accepts over three hundred mountain films into it's competition, the top fifty or so are screened throughout the festival.  Every year the films feature a range of styles and themes, including climbing, skiing, kayaking, biking, adventure, culture and the environment.

The festival (held in Banff, Alberta Canada) runs from Oct. 30th to Nov. 7th, 2021.  2021 is the festival's 46th anniversary!

Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour

The Banff Mountain Film Festival accepts over three hundred mountain films into it's competition, the top fifty or so are screened throughout the festival.  The tour brings a selection of the best films from the festival right here to Midwest Mountaineering!  Every year the films feature a range of styles and themes, including climbing, skiing, kayaking, biking, adventure, culture and the environment.

Stunning International Film Productions on mountain themes ranging from mountaineering to ice and rock climbing to wildlife and environmental issues, as well as mountain sports such as skiing, kayaking, snowboarding, and much more.

These are some of the best of the fest from the internationally acclaimed film competition that captures the spirit of the mountains with magnificent cinematography.  See the award winners that blanket the spectrum of outdoor activities, culture and environment.

Come explore breathtaking mountain environments and cultures celebrating the spirit of outdoor adventure.  The tour brings the festival to 305 cities in 20 countries around the world covering territory across Canada, the USA, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, and the South Pacific.  Whether you are an armchair adventurer or an experienced mountaineer, this event is for everyone.  Don't miss the excitement!

Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour
2021/2022 Trailer
(2021/2022 Trailer Coming Soon)


More Details:  Banff Mountain Film Festival page.

Tickets ($18) available for purchase beginning Monday, November 1st at 11:00a.m. now.

Purchase tickets ($18) here:  midwestmtn.com/tickets

These shows always sell out!  Get your tickets early.  Our Friday and Saturday night screenings will contain completely different films.  These films will also be different than the films shown last November!  Attend both nights and see all of the films!

Sorry, Friday and Saturday have SOLD OUT !! 
Enjoy the Show !!!

Saturday,  Dec. 04th, 7:00p.m.,  U of M – Willey Hall, Auditorium

Laurel Bradley and Sam Demas
Sam Demas and Laurel Bradley

Laurel Bradley, an avid hiker, nature lover and retired curator, has trekked hut to hut worldwide with Sam Demas, retired librarian, whose website hut2hut.info is an important repository of information about huts and hut-to-hut travel.

Hut to Hut USA – Hiking, Biking, and Skiing

What is a hut, anyway?  What is special about hut-to-hut travel?  Where are the US opportunities to ski, hike, or bike through wild places, taking overnight shelter in comfortable huts?

Laurel traveled almost 600 trail miles researching the book which presents sixteen hut systems from Alaska to New England, the west coast to the upper Midwest.  She will engage the audience in imagining a few sample trips, share stories of their adventures, and invite broader musings on the future of huts.

Join the author of Hut to Hut USA: The Complete Guide for Hikers, Bikers, and Skiers and plan a hut trip!

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 1:00p.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-102

Sunday,  Nov. 21st, 12:15p.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-102

Will Collins
Will Collins

Will Collins is an outdoorsman, angler, writer, speaker and lover of wild and remote places.


He is host of the Buffalo Roamer Podcast - For Those Who Seek Adventure, where he speaks with explorers, travelers, outdoorsman and women and all those who seek wild places and new experiences.

Will has backpacked the Brooks Range, rafted the Grand Canyon and canoed from Source to Sea both the Mississippi and Yukon Rivers.  He lives for adventure, travel, fresh air and diving into the unknown.  Through his podcast, speaking, writing and guided wilderness trips, he hopes to share his passion of the outdoors and wilderness travel with you.

Listen to the Buffalo Roamer Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or online at BuffaloRoamer.com/podcast

America by Canoe – Stories and Lessons from 4,000 miles on the Yukon and Mississippi

Barges, wolves, cold beer and salmon runs.

Will Collins shares stories, lessons and insights from 173 days on the Mississippi and Yukon Rivers, exploring America from the low-down view of a canoe.

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 1:00p.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-106

Buffalo Roamer Podcast Presents: Bob O’Hara - A Lifetime of Paddling the Far North
Bob O'Hara

Join us for a live recording of the show as we speak with canoeing legend Bob O’Hara.

Bob has spent a lifetime traveling and paddling the Far North.  From Hudson Bay to Great Slave Lake and everywhere in between Bob has had a fascination with the Tundra and northern landscapes since his first trip there in 1967.  He has been back nearly every year since, including a stint closer to home of over 60 consecutive years paddling the BWCA.

Join the conversation as Bob shares stories, lessons and take aways from a lifetime of paddling the Far North.

Sunday,  Nov. 21st, 12:15p.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-105

Dan Cooke

In addition to being the owner of Cooke Custom Sewing and a previous ACA Freestyle Paddling Instructor, Dan Cooke has been paddling and camping for the past 55 years.

From the Rio Grande to the Kazan River and many places in between, you will likely find Dan capturing the landscape through photography or crafting the finest canoe gear available.

Website:  cookecustomsewing.com.

Tarp Setup Demonstration
Cooke Custom Sewing Tarp at Shosone Lake

Does your rain-fly flap in the wind?  Have you ever wanted to leave the tent behind and sleep in a tarp shelter?

Dan Cooke, of Cooke Custom Sewing, will show a variety of ways you can utilize a tarp to better enjoy your wilderness adventure.

He'll demonstrate various rigging methods, suggest some creative ideas to common challenges and show the best knots for setting up a storm-proof shelter.

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 11:00a.m.,  Grassy Knoll (across from Expo tent entrance)

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 1:00p.m.,  Grassy Knoll (across from Expo tent entrance)

James and Madeline Didier

James is an avid outdoorsman and mountaineer from Minnesota.  He started mountaineering while living in Colorado.  He’s now an apprentice alpine guide.

Madeline grew up camping, hiking, and paddling.  Since meeting, the two have gone on many adventures.

James is a chemistry teacher, and Madeline is a Senior Acoustic Consultant.

Work Hard, Play Hard – A Working Couple's Guide to Section Hiking the Superior Hiking Trail

Interested in backpacking the Superior Hiking Trail (SHT) without taking 3 weeks off work or all-together quitting your job?

Madeline and James will show you how to backpack all 310 miles of the SHT within a year without taking any time off work.  During the presentation, they will go over the logistics of completing section hikes over the span of several efficient weekends.  This will include a discussion of shuttle services, trail support, packing tips, trail beta (during three different seasons), and advice on hiking with your partner, all from two different perspectives.

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 10:30a.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-102

Lonnie Dupre
Lonnie Dupre

Lonnie Dupre was born in 1961 and raised on a Minnesota farm.  He is descended on his mother's side from Jacques Cartier, the French explorer and founder of Quebec.  He has 28 years of polar expeditions under his belt, most recently the first successful solo summit of Denali in January, #3 in Outside Magazine's Most Badass Adventures.


  • National Geographic Adventure - Best of Adventure
  • Rolex Award for Enterprise 2004
  • Polartec Challenge Award, 2000 & 2001
  • Elected Fellow National of the Explorers Club 1996
  • Winter Olympics, Oslo, Norway
  • Soviet “Sportsman’s Medal” 1989


  • The first west to east, 3,000 mile winter crossing of Canada’s famed Northwest Passage by dog team.
  • The first circumnavigation of Greenland, a 6,500 mile, all non-motorized journey by kayak and dog team.
  • Pulled sleds on skis from Canada to the North Pole twice achieving over 68 million impressions worldwide on issues surrounding climate change.
  • The first solo winter ascent of Alaska’s Mount Denali (20,340ft.) in January.
  • Alpine Ascent of Kyajo Ri (20,295 feet) in Nepal.

Lonnie's website:  lonniedupre.com

Greenland - Then and Now

In 2001 Lonnie Dupre and John Hoelscher completed the first ever circumnavigation of Greenland.  The 6500 mile rounding was completed all non-motorized by kayak and dog team.

Lonnie will talk about this expedition accompanied by maps and images.

He will then introduce you to his next expedition to Greenland in 2022 called:  'Pulling for the Planet' to create a feature documentary about Greenland titled 'Then and Now'.

Expedition Preview Video:  youtube.com

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 10:30a.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-106

Ben Fontenot
Ben Fontenot

Ben Fontenot is a professional sea kayaker and paddle maker who enjoys documenting the experiences and lifestyle of paddling North America.

Extending the Paddling Season with Superior Sendies
Photo Credit:  Ben Fontenot

Join the crew of inland sea kayakers in breaking down the essentials of paddling through the brutally cold Fall and Winter seasons.

Alongside the discussion of keeping yourself and gear from turning into ice, you can count on watching the latest episode of Superior Sendies as well as Q&A!

You can keep up and watch all the episodes on Facebook and Youtube!

Facebook:  facebook.com/SuperiorSendies

YouTube Channel:  YouTube.com

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 3:30p.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-105

Emily Ford
Diggins and Emily Ford

Emily Ford is currently the Head Gardener at the Glensheen Mansion in Duluth Minnesota.  There she tends to all of the gardens and grounds on the 7 acre estate.

She is originally from Brooklyn Park, Minnesota and moved to Duluth, Minnesota in the winter of 2015.

This past winter, she thru-hiked the 1,200 mile Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin, becoming the first woman to thru-hike the trail in the winter.

The remainder of her time is spent with her partner and two dogs living in Duluth, enjoying local music as well as swimming in Lake Superior as often as possible.  As she continues on, Emily hopes to help bring awareness to the outdoors for all people and to help protect the wild spaces that remain.

The Longest Way
Diggins leading the way on the Ice Age Trail.

I walked 1,200 miles across Wisconsin in the winter of 2020/2021, becoming the first black, queer woman to thru-hike the Ice Age National Scenic Trail (iceagetrail.org) in the winter.

I'll talk about that trip as well as diversity and inclusion in the outdoors.

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 11:45a.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-104

Madilynn Garcia

Stamina Racing Collective is a Twin Cities Based FTW (femme/trans/women) team that focuses on increasing diversity in competetive cycling through mentorship and accessibility.

Winter Biking: Commuting, Trail Riding, and Racing

Members of Stamina Racing Collective will present experiences, tips, and bright spots related to winter bike riding.

From year-round commuting to competing in winter ultra events, our team has experiences and perspectives to help you get out there and enjoy all conditions on a bike.

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 2:15p.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-106

Lisa Grant and Kay Troan

Lisa & Kay have been professionally helping people live healthier lives for a combined 46 years.

Treating athletes like the Bulls, Vikings, Twins and Olympians and marathon runners with many different modalities, created a drive to try different approaches.  Using Bemer for 5 years in clinic has changed thousands of their clients lives.

BEMER Group:  bemergroup.com

BEMER Better Circulation, Better Recovery, Better Life

The Importance of Circulation for Performance, Recovery and Health.

Everyone loves the way Bemer increases circulation because it promotes overall energy, vitality, strength, conditioning and endurance.  What that means is that we can perform at a higher level and recover quickly and get back in the game or the yard or on the floor playing with the kids.

And because it is a natural effect, the Olympic committee approves it during training and competitions, 'legalized blood doping' is one phrase we hear.

Used by people around the world and over 4,000 hospitals/clinics for the past 23 years.

Sunday,  Nov. 21st, 11:00a.m.,  Midwest Mountaineering – Expedition Stage

Rod Johnson
Sharon and Rod Johnson

Rod Johnson is the owner and 1970 founder of Midwest Mountaineering (midwestmtn.com), your locally owned outdoor adventure outfitter.  With his wife, Sharon, Rod has traveled the globe in search of great outdoor adventures which can be shared with you each Outdoor Adventure Expo!

His programs provide resource sheets giving you the information you will need for planning your own adventure:  how to prepare, where to go, what to bring, how to keep your gear weight down, getting visas and permits, and how to keep the cost down.

He truly loves helping others have fun and safe outdoor experiences.  Come catch his enthusiasm!

50 Years of Midwest Mountaineering - Slideshow with Q & A
Midwest Mountaineering Staff - In the Beginning

50 years ago Rod only had $500, so he wrote to outdoor gear manufacturers and got dealerships so he could get his gear for wholesale.  He sold gear to his friends from his kitchen.

After 50 years his mission has changed to helping and encouraging others have great outdoor adventures, instead of just retailing.

Rod will present a slideshow with a Question & Answer session to follow.

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 10:30a.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-104

Rod and Sharon Johnson
Sharon and Rod Johnson

Rod Johnson is the owner and 1970 founder of Midwest Mountaineering (midwestmtn.com), your locally owned outdoor adventure outfitter.  With his wife, Sharon, Rod has traveled the globe in search of great outdoor adventures which can be shared with you each Outdoor Adventure Expo!

Their programs provide resource sheets giving you the information you will need for planning your own adventure:  how to prepare, where to go, what to bring, how to keep your gear weight down, getting visas and permits, and how to keep the cost down.

They truly love helping others have fun and safe outdoor experiences.  Come catch their enthusiasm!

Winter Getaways and Hiking in the Southwest
Rod Johnson Surfing The Wave

The Southwest region of the United States is one of Rod and Sharon's favorite getaways!  This presentation will recommend hikes in the Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, Joshua Tree, Death Valley, Valley of Fire, Sedona, the Wave and Red Rocks.

Rod and Sharon took their own advice and did a quick getaway to the SW.  Not only was it easy, fun and relaxing, but they took several new photos to add to their presentation.  They will talk about trails, what to take, permits and where to stay.  The recommended hikes are also spectacular throughout the year.

They will talk about trails, what to take, permits and where to stay.

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 1:00p.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-104

Chris Knopf
Chris Knopf

Chris Knopf is the executive director of Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness (friends-bwca.org).

Two Mines, One Threat: Updates in the Fight for Clean Water
The forest near PolyMet.  Photo: Maya Swope

Foreign corporations are trying to open copper sulfide mines in Minnesota, which threaten to pollute some of the cleanest water in the country.

At the doorstep of the Boundary Waters is the site of the proposed Twin Metals mine.  Owned by the Chilean mining conglomerate Antofagasta, the Twin Metals mine would be an ecological disaster for the most-visited Wilderness Area in the United States.

PolyMet, which is approximately 12 miles south of the border with the Boundary Waters, is the snow plow that will clear the way for other copper-sulfide mining in Minnesota, including the Boundary Waters watershed.

In this presentation, we'll provide updates and breaking news on the fight to stop these mines.

Sunday,  Nov. 21st, 12:15p.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-104

Seth Lindenfelser
Seth Lindenfelser

Seth is a 20-year employee of Midwest Mountaineering.  He was raised a backpacker, but is now an avid canoeist, who loves Minnesota's coldest season and is a novice backcountry skier excited to hit the glades of Minnesota this winter.

Backcountry Skiing in Northern Minnesota and the Last Call for Moose Mountain
Glade Skiing on Moose Mountain

Superior Highland Backcountry (superiorhighlandbc.org) is a non-profit that is working to expand and protect backcountry skiing opportunities for all in northern Minnesota.

They have found and mapped existing backcocuntry glades and are working to improve the opportunities that exist; with a long-term goal iof establishing a backcountry hut to hut ski system.

Last Call for Moose Mountain (vimeo.com/453498181) is a film by Josef Fairbanks that highlights the unique nature of Moose Mountain as a backcountry ski destination.

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 3:30p.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-106

Innocent Lyimo

Born and raised on the slopes of Kilimanjaro, Innocent first climb to the summit of Kilimanjaro at the age of 15.  Innocent now has over fifteen years of experience both as mountain and safari guide in Tanzania.  Although he has lost count, he estimates he has climbed Kilimanjaro around 200 times!

Innocent is the founder of Destination Tanzania Safaris (detasa.com), a company based in Tanzania with an office in Minnesota.  He oversees all the operations and marketing for DETASA in the USA and at the same time continues to guide groups on Kilimanjaro and safari in Tanzania.

Alongside his work, Innocent enjoys many other outdoor activities and has a dream of climbing all seven summits in the future.  He and his wife Karen have two young daughters and live in southern Minnesota.

African Wildlife Safaris and Beyond

Presentation Cancelled

Come along on this wildlife safari into the animal-rich country of Tanzania.  Experience the endless plains of the Serengeti and the breathtaking Ngorongoro Crater.

Go beyond the 'typical' safari and visit a local tribe to experience their traditional way of life.  Hop on a canoe and paddle around Lake Momella alongside the hippos and crocodiles.  Break out your hiking shoes for an extended hike in the remote areas among cape buffaloes, bushbucks, baboons and even shy leopards.

Spend time volunteering at a local school or other organization.  And don't forget to spend a few days relaxing on the white sandy beaches and blue waters of Zanzibar.  Innocent will present a safari slideshow and offer advice and suggestions on how to create your own personalized itinerary for the perfect Tanzanian adventure!

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 11:45a.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-105

Kilimanjaro - The Roof of Africa
Uhuru Peak on Mount Kilmanjaro Summit

Presentation Cancelled

Accessible to beginning trekker/climbers, Kilimanjaro is a must, taking you through the mists of equatorial jungle to reach the snows and breath-taking views from the summit.

Our ascent of Kilimanjaro can be considered a trek since the terrain, while steep at times, is covered in trail all the way to the summit.  Participants can leave their ice axe and crampons at home; the only ice you will see is the bizarre ice cap that rises abruptly out of the moonscape surrounding the Crater Camp.

From the necessary equipment to physical preparations, Innocent will offer first-hand experiences and expert advice to assist you in planning a successful climb to the 'Roof of Africa'!

Sunday,  Nov. 21st, 11:00a.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-102

Mountain Gorilla Treks in Rwanda and Uganda

Presentation Cancelled

There can be few experiences in the world more memorable and magical than an encounter with the mountain gorillas in the jungle.

There are thought to be around 800 mountain gorillas left in the world today, all found in a small area of East Africa straddling the borders of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.

Innocent Lyimo, born and raised in Tanzania, has over 2 decades experience of guiding trips in East Africa will be happy to share his experience and help you organize a trip to see these mountain gorillas in the East African Jungles.

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 2:15p.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-103

Pascale Marceau and Eva Capozzola
Eva Capozzola and Pascale Marceau

PASCALE MARCEAU is an explorer, mountaineer and consultant in high-risk processes who is based out of the Canadian Rockies and Grand Marais MN.  She has over 20 years of mountain adventuring and has recently been focusing on remote, cold weather, exploratory firsts.  pascalemarceau.com

EVA CAPOZZOLA is a photographer and mountaineer based out of Golden, BC.  She brings a photojournalistic soul to her work creating images that are catalysts for inquiry into our own humanity with deep curiosity, critical thinking, and heart.  Eva has been published in Rock & Ice, Ascent, & more. evazolaphoto.com

Harmony and Grit: How 2 Strangers United in the First Ascent of a Hidden Gem

What happens when you prepare for an expedition during a pandemic?  What happens when you embark on said expedition with someone you barely know?  Rather than a harrowing tale of conquering a mountain, this story is one of alignment, connection and commitment.

Mountaineers Eva Capozzola and Pascale Marceau unveil why they chose to venture into an isolated mountain-scape, and why Mt. Lucania, Yukon Territories in particular was so alluring.  They share the magic that comes with moving into a world of focus; finding ease in things that are not easy.

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 2:15p.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-104

Craig Maxson
Craig Maxson

Craig is an avid global traveler, outdoorsman, and fisherman who recently found a love for big mountains over the last decade.

Craig is an active leader in two Twin Cities backpacking and hiking meetup groups, having guided dozens of SHT backpacking trips and organized BackpackerFest 2021.

Craig has completed hiking/backpacking 8 long trails across the globe, plus climbed thirteen Colorado 14ers.

High Sierra Trail Adventures – There and Back Again
High Sierra Trail

In August of 2021, nine friends finally completed backpacking the High Sierra Trail in Sequoia National Park, one of the top trails in the country.

We'll highlight two years of adventures preparing for this trip:  three Colorado 14ers acclimating trips, pre-hiking Half Dome and Clouds Rest, permit challenges, COVID border closures, wildfire impacts, and the incredible HST.

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 3:30p.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-102

Ryan Maxwell
Ryan Maxwell

Ryan Maxwell is the CEO and Founder of Fluid Health & Fitness.  Ryan is a National Presenter & Master Trainer (US Armed Forces, Mayo Clinic, YMCA - Sports Ready Youth Programming, Lifetime Fitness, Anytime Fitness), National Academy of Sports Medicine continuing education provider, Celebrity trainer (Jillian Michaels’ “Bodyshred”).

To learn more about Fluid Health &Fitness, visit:  fluidhealthandfitness.com.

Preventing Injuries and Eliminating Pain

At Fluid Health & Fitness, the primary goal of all of our exercise programs is to prevent injury and eliminate pain.  This comes before any goal of weight loss, muscle building, or performance enhancement.  If you get hurt, none of these other goals matter.  You won’t be able to continue to train.  Movement efficiency is key to remaining healthy.  By studying the principles of mechanics and anatomy in relation to human movement, Fluid has created an automated system of staged movement observations at set intervals to provide a concise, replicable, and scalable methodology for advancing members’ movement and metabolic health.

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 1:00p.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-105

Midwest Mountaineering
MidwestMtn-Logo.GIF LakesLegends-logo-197x100.png
Beer! and Gear!  Social Night and Raffle

Friday, November 19th,   2:00 to 8:00p.m.

Presented by Midwest Mountaineering
Sponsored by Lakes & Legends Brewing Co.


Beer!  –  $6 gets you a limited edition Expo pint beer glass + one pint of beer or root beer!  FREE raffle card punch, too.

Gear!  –  There will be plenty of manufacturer's reps, exhibitors and employees to talk about gear and adventure opportunities.  Preview all of the gear being donated by exhibitors and manufacturers.

Social Night  –  We will have a tent with raffle prizes on display.  Enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded outdoor friends, exhibitors and Midwest Mountaineering staff.

Raffle and Exhibitors  –  Get a list of participating exhibitors at the Expo entrances.  All are donating raffle prizes.  Visit them and learn an interesting fact to receive a raffle card punch from them.  Visit lots of exhibitors for lots of punches.  Raffle prizes are listed on the Beer! and Gear! Night page.  Submit raffle card (in the Expo tent) by 8:00p.m.

Prize Award Drawing  –  8:30p.m. in the Expo tent (need not be present to win).  Winners announced overhead, via e-mail, and on OutdoorAdventureExpo.com by Saturday at 9:00a.m.  Prizes available for pickup for one week.

Friday,  Nov. 19th, 2:00p.m.,  Exhibitor Booths in the Big-Top Tent

Midwest Mountaineering Staff
Climb in the Bouldering Cave (Free)
Photo:  Jeff Wheeler

Discover the fun of rock climbing in our bouldering cave.  Free climbing (and climbing shoe use) in our climbing cave during the entire Outdoor Adventure Expo!

Cave Rules:

  • All persons in the climbing cave MUST complete and sign a liability waiver.  This includes all supervising adults.
  • All persons in the climbing cave MUST wear orange bracelet.  This verifies that you have signed the liability waiver.
  • Under 18 - Parent must co-sign liability waiver.
  • Under 14 - Parent must co-sign liability waiver.  Must be supervised by parent.
  • NO CHALK allowed in the cave.  Please help us keep the air fresh and our store nice and clean!  Eco-Ball chalk substitute is acceptable and is available for purchase.
  • No climbing on vertical wall (near West stairway).

The bouldering cave is located beneath the paddlesports department.

Climb On !!!

Friday, November 19th, 2:00 – 9:00p.m.

Saturday, November 20th, 9:00a.m. – 6:30p.m.

Sunday, November 21th, 10:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.

Midwest Mountaineering - Bouldering Cave

Passport to Adventure Game

Win Free Prizes!

  1. Get your passport form and questions from the popcorn stand.
  2. Visit the many exhibitor booths and other areas of the Expo to answer your passport questions and win free prizes!
  3. Win a flashlight carabiner or a water bottle.

For kids ages 6–12

Friday, November 19th, 2:00 – 9:00p.m.,

Saturday, November 20th, 9:00a.m. – 6:30p.m.,

Sunday, November 21th, 10:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.

Big Top Tent - Popcorn Stand

Maria Murillo

I grew up in Costa Rica and moved to Minnesota to take a job with a medical device company.  Over the years people contacted me to ask for advice on their trips to Costa Rica.  These conversations revealed the need for a better approach to visiting my country.  So, I created Costa Rica Authentic (costarica-authentic.com), for you to be a guest in our country instead of a tourist.

Costa Rica, A Nature Lovers Paradise

Learn about Costa Rica, a small country that makes up 5% of the earth’s biodiversity.  Visitors can enjoy the majestic volcanoes, beaches, cloud forest, rainforest as well as picturesque landscapes.

Costa Rica offers many activities for families, for the adventurous and for those who just want to relax and enjoy nature at a slow pace.  Hiking, bird watching, whale watching, river rafting, kayaking, canopy, rappel and surfing among them.

At the end of this presentation, you will have the information you need to start planning a fantastic vacation for your family and friends.

Sunday,  Nov. 21st, 12:15p.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-103

Hiking in Costa Rica, an Enjoyable Experience

Costa Rica has many hiking opportunities for all levels.

I will share information with you about the different areas of Costa Rica with the type of hikes you can do in each area.

Learn about National Parks that provide fantastic hiking for all members in your group and other areas of the country that will provide you with unique places that will create unique experiences on this beautiful country.

Come to learn about the hidden hiking gems that Costa Rica has to offer.

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 2:15p.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-105

Scott Oeth
Scott Oeth

Scott, owner of Bull Moose Patrol, is an Eagle Scout, a Registered Maine Guide, has been trained as a Minnesota Master Naturalist, a Wilderness First Responder, a wilderness survival instructor, and has attended numerous wilderness and survival skills instruction courses.

Scott loves teaching wilderness skills and leading outdoor adventures!

Website:  BullMoosePatrol.com

Winter Survival Essentials

Wilderness can be harsh and the unprepared can get into serious trouble quickly if a vehicle leaves them stranded, a storm moves in, or a ski, ankle, or the ice breaks!

Many basic survival skills taught are insufficient for the extreme cold that we can experience in this region.  What basic skills should someone have and what gear should someone carry to safely and comfortably head into the wild?

Scott from Bull Moose Patrol will share key techniques and skills for clothing, shelter, fire, and water, as well as how to stay alive and survive!

The secret bonus:  studying survival skills can be a lot of fun!  A way of having deeper and more challenging outdoor experiences without necessarily having to go farther for new excitement.

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 10:30a.m.,  Midwest Mountaineering – Expedition Stage

Tia Parks

Originally from Tennessee, I have lived up Minnesota's North Shore full-time for 2 years now.  Before this, I worked at an outfitter up the Gunflint Trail every summer during college.

I now serve as an Activities Director for Odyssey Resorts.

I am an avid paddler and seeker of untouched places.

Wild Ice Skating
Tia Skating Wild Ice at Palisade Head

Follow along as I discuss details and reflect on the magic of our most recent wild ice skating season within and along the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

Topics Covered:

  • The Waiting Game
  • Preparedness, Safety, & Reading Ice
  • Pushing the Boundaries and Other Wild Ice Stories
  • How the ice consumes us mentally, physically, and emotionally
  • Creating a community fueled by ice in the times where we must keep our distance.

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 1:00p.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-103

Dan Pauly

Dan Pauly is the author of Exploring the Boundary Waters, and a board member at Friends of the Boundary Waters Action Network (bwcapac.org) an independent affiliate of Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness.

Planning a Boundary Waters Trip

Join 'Exploring the Boundary Waters' author and Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness board member Dan Pauly to learn everything you need to know for planning a trip.

What route should I choose?  How far can I travel each day?  Dan will detail his trip planning process and answer your questions.

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 3:30p.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-103

Jonathan Ringdahl
Jonathan Ringdahl

Jonathan Ringdahl resides in Galesville, Wisconsin.  His full-time gig is working with kids with autism.

Jonathan loves adventure in any season.  He is passionate about the outdoors and sharing what he has learned through trial and error.  He wants to speed-up your learning process by sharing his mistakes.  This leads to great stories that entertain and teach.  His energy and enthusiasm will inspire you!

Cold Weather Paddling

The cold weather season is a beautiful time to paddle!

When everyone else has packed away their paddling gear, you can be experiencing amazing paddling safely.  Snow-lined banks and ice formations transform your favorite river in ways few people see.

You are invited on a photographic journey to experience how beautiful cold weather paddling can be.

Dressing for success is key.  We will discuss how to be safe and styling.

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 2:15p.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-102

Winter Camping is Cool!

Winter is a great camping season!  Mosquitoes?  Gone!  Poisonous plants?  Gone!  Ticks?  Gone!  These are all awesome benefits to winter camping.

The peace and quiet of a winter forest is a special experience to feel.

The tips you learn will help you have an enjoyable winter camping experience.

Sunday,  Nov. 21st, 11:00a.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-104

Hywel Taff Roberts
Hywel Taff Roberts

Hywel Roberts is the Director of Wild Wales Tours & Walkabouts (wildwalestours.com).  He is a storyteller, adventurer, sailor, film director, naturalist and an avid hiker.

One of his most recent documentary films is “Attempting the Northwest Passage”.  He and three friends sought to sail through the Northwest Passage, the fabled route from the Atlantic through Canada's icy maze of arctic islands and into the Pacific Ocean.

Hywel is a native of Wales, speaks fluent Welsh and is passionate about his homeland and the Welsh culture.  He lives in rural Minnesota on the Mississippi River.

Hiking Snowdonia National Park and the Welsh Coastal Path

Wales is surrounded on three sides by the sea and is the only country in the world that has a coastal path along its entire 875 mile 1408km) coastline!  Fiercely independent, culturally rich with song, prose, storytelling and its very own Celtic language, Wales is a mystical destination.

The Snowdonia National Park is the largest park in Wales, and boasts the highest mountain in Wales and England, Mt Snowdon. Hiking along the ancient pathways connecting with the landscape you will be passing through rural communities and supporting the local economy and the countryside that surrounds them.

Come and learn about the 3,000 year old culture of this ancient land, and the hiking along the 870 miles of the “Welsh Coastal Path” and in the “Snowdonia National Park”.

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 11:45a.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-103

Wales: History, Culture and Language

Wales is surrounded on three sides by the sea.  Fiercely independent, culturally rich with song, prose, storytelling and its own ancient Celtic language, Wales is a mystical destination.

Come learn about the 3,000 - year history, culture and language of this ancient land.

Sunday,  Nov. 21st, 11:00a.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-103

Scott Sater and Daniel Meckel
Scott Sater

Scott Sater is a music educator and professional photographer in the Brainerd Lakes & Twin Cities areas.  He is a seasoned trekker and passionate explorer of India.  Scott is co-founder of Transformative Journeys India.

Daniel Meckel

Daniel Meckel is a former college professor in the fields of South Asian Studies and Psychology of Religion.  He now practices psychotherapy in Washington, DC and Annapolis, Maryland.  Dan is co-founder of Transformative Journeys India.

Transformative Journeys India website:  transformativejourneysindia.com

Transformative Journeys in India

For fourteen years, Scott and Dan have been designing and leading innovative journeys in India for those who want an extraordinary travel experience that will open the doors to personal and life changes.  They envision travel as an outer journey and an inner journey, and their passion is to cultivate both in a transformative encounter with India.

Join them for their reflections on what makes for life-changing experiences in India.

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 10:30a.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-103

Grant Schnell

Grant Schnell's passion for the great outdoors led him to pursue an undergrad and graduate degree in Recreation Sports Management, Outdoor Education which he uses working with local youth as a Recreation Therapist.

Together, with his wife Ashley, they're also the owners of SkiPulk.com building pulks in their garage and sharing outdoor adventuring advice with others!

Build Your Own Skipulk Workshop

Have you been meaning to buy or build your own pulk?  Would you like to get into winter camping?  If you answered yes, this workshop is for you!  You will start with custom machined parts from SkiPulk.com and build your own pulk.

The workshop fee includes the Paris Expedition sled, high quality fiberglass poles with machined ends, and all other hardware needed (harness not included).  Instructors provide the tools and walk you through completing your own commercial quality pulk.  Special Outdoor Adventure Expo pricing is $125 (plus MN tax).

Space is limited!  Register in store or by phone (612-339-3433).

Saturday, November 20th, 2:15 – 4:30p.m.

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 2:15p.m.,  Midwest Mountaineering – Expedition Stage

Steve Schreader
Steve Schreader

Midwest Mountaineering manager Steve Schreader grew up in the Twin Cities metro area and has been an avid outdoors enthusiast since he was five.  In addition to his love for all things Minnesotan, he has recently entered the world of mountaineering.  Having completed his first 14-er, he has his sights on more 14-ers in Colorado as well as some unclimbed peaks in British Columbia.

Introduction to Skijoring with Your Dog

Skijoring is a winter sport that partners a cross country skier with a dog in harness as a pastime to embrace and enjoy winter!

Learn about this history of this wonderful sport, how to get started, what equipment is most suitable for you and your dog, and what dog doesn't love skijoring?  (hint, almost all!)

Skijoring can be as easy as going for a walk with your dog or as exhilarating as flying down the trail at 20mph!  A well trained dog is essential to getting started.  Additional training gives you the control needed when you get on snow.

You and your dog can do this!

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 1:00p.m.,  Midwest Mountaineering – Expedition Stage

Michelle Schroeder

Michelle Schroeder, founder of Backpack The Trails LLC (backpackthetrails.com) has been featured on MN Bound wiith Laura Schara, the StarTribune, and is a monthly outdoor contributor on WTIP Radio in Grand Marais, MN.

With 40+ years of outdoor experience, she has traveled the world.  Favorite backpacking trails?  The John Muir Trail, Border Route Trail, Isle Royale, Grand Canyon, California’s Lost Coast, and anywhere New Zealand or Iceland.

Michelle teaches backpacking on-trail and offers more challenging trips with tide charts, floatplanes, and adventure.  Michelle is a NOLS-certified Wilderness First Responder.

Border Route Trail Thru-Hike

Minnesota's best-kept backpacking secret:  The rugged 65-mile Border Route Trail, with countless awe-inspiring views from atop some of Minnesota's highest palisades.

The scenic BRT cuts across the Boundary Waters, winding along pristine lakes straddling the international border of Canada and the U.S., through Minnesota's quietest wilderness.

Backpackers encounter breathtaking nature and rare solitude on the BRT.  This is a primitive trail and ideal for anyone with backpacking experience and solid trail-finding skills.

Michelle Schroeder, Founder of Backpack the Trails LLC, has thru-hiked the astounding Border Route Trail multiple times, and will share tips about permits, planning, resupplying, etc.

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 11:45a.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-102

Iceland's Most Famous Trail – The Laugavegur

Laugavegur’s 34 miles is Iceland’s most famous backpacking hut trail, which National Geographic listed as one of the 20 best trails in the world.

Michelle will share her 2021 experience crossing some of the most varied scenery in Iceland, tackling striking black sand deserts, lava fields, colorful rhyolite mountains, and passing legendary icy glacier caps with active volcanos.  She continued 17 more miles on the stunning Thorsmork to Skogar leg, seeing 25 breathtaking waterfalls with the North Atlantic as a backdrop.

She will also share intel on a must-see side-hike and astounding day-hikes near Reykjavik.

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 3:30p.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-104

Polly Keith Scotland
Polly Keith Scotland

Polly Keith Scotland lives in Bemidji, Minnesota.  She is the author of The Adventurer & Her Husband ~ an array of hiking and kayaking escapades from around the world.

She is an avid outdoor traveler as described in her first book, By Foot, Pedal, or Paddle.

Three Stories of Three Great Hikes in Europe: Tour du Mont Blanc, Corsica, and Iceland
  • Trek around three counties, France, Italy, and Switzerland on the Tour du Mont Blanc.
  • Hike the "Toughest Trek of Europe" on the GR20 trail of Corsica, France.
  • Walk from Landmannalauger, Iceland to Skógar, Iceland.

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 10:30a.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-105

Doug Scott
Doug Scott

Founder of Parallel 45 Sales Group and a native Minnesotan, Doug grew up exploring the Gunflint and ventured north to spend summers guiding in Alaska and winters in the Rocky Mountains as soon as he could.  Doug has a lifetime of experience canoeing, backpacking and high alpine ski mountaineering.

Every activity requires a different sleep system and know what to look for can make a night under the stars all the more enjoyable.

How to Choose the Right Sleeping Pad for the Season

Doug will walk you through the selection process of choosing a sleeping mat for all seasons.  He will explain R-value, different insulation methods and pairing your chosen mat with a sleeping bag.

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 11:45a.m.,  Midwest Mountaineering – Expedition Stage

Gary P. Scott
Gary and Katarina Scott

Gary P. Scott (GPS) is an Australian born adventure travel and walking guide who now spends most of the year guiding in Europe with his Slovakian wife Katarina.

Previously a world-class mountaineer and mountain guide, Gary has led thousands of guests on over 250 adventure travel and walking tours around the world.


Gary operates his own adventure travel company.  Read more about Gary and his trips at:  Right Path Adventures.

Adventures in Croatia, Slovenia & Slovakia
Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia  © Jack Brauer

Join award winning Australian born adventure travel and walking guide Gary P. Scott (GPS) as he shows you images of “off-the-beaten-path” places you probably have never heard of in Croatia, Slovenia & Slovakia - three hidden jewels of Europe - while he shares stories of his extensive travels to these three beautiful and fascinating countries.

Gary has spent the last 12 summers in Europe exploring and leading active groups with his company Right Path Adventures.

Check out his website which also describes walking tours he leads to the Dolomites of Northern Italy and to the Everest Region in Nepal:  Right Path Adventures

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 11:45a.m.outdooradventureexpo.com

Walking in the Dolomite Mountains of Northern Italy

Australian born adventure travel guide Gary Scott has spent the last ten summers leading tours in Europe, and personally guided over 100 tours in the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Nature Site in northern Italy.

One of the world’s leading experts on the Dolomites, Gary will talk about the walking tours he leads there and about the geology, geography, history, culture, traditions, food and the incredible hiking trails for people of all levels and abilities he has discovered there.

Check out his website which also describes the award-winning walking tours he leads to Croatia, Slovenia & Slovakia and the Everest Region of Nepal:  Right Path Adventures

Sunday,  Nov. 21st, 11:00a.m.outdooradventureexpo.com

Sevve Stember
Sevve Stember

Sevve Stember is a mountain athlete born and raised in northern Minnesota.  As a boy, he has fond memories of nordic skiing with his father in subzero temps, hiking in the Canadian Rockies, and climbing Oak trees at his childhood home. 

He learned to climb on the sea cliffs of Lake Superior in 2004 and the vertical world has been central to his life ever since.  Whether it’s sport, trad, bouldering, alpine, or speed climbing, he finds enjoyment in all disciplines.  Massive alpine linkups that combine cardiovascular endurance with technical rock climbing and climbing sport + trad at his limit are two of his current passions.

Sevve is an AMGA Single Pitch Instructor, AIARE Avalanche Level 1, Warrior’s Way Trainer, and Wilderness First Aid certified.  He specializes in coaching climbers in a 1 on 1 and group setting to help them develop their mental toughness.

When he’s not in the wilderness, he loves working on home projects, spending time with his men’s group, and building his photography skills.  The front range of Colorado feels like home and he's allowed his roots to take hold here.

Colorado's Front Range Sport Climbing

Presentation Cancelled

There's no better access to some of the top sport climbing destinations in America than Colorado's Front Range crags.

Clear Creek, Boulder Canyon, The Flatirons, and many more cliffs await.  The cool thing is that they style in each area is as different as the rock types.  Sandstone, granite, gneiss … vertical crimps, burly slopers, technical slabs … you'll find all styles of climbing here in the sport mecca of the Front Range.

In this informative talk, you'll get all the beta you need along with route recommendations to make your next trip mega rad!

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 1:00p.m.outdooradventureexpo.com

Mental Training for Climbing - The Rock Warrior's Way

Rock climbing demands both physical strength and mental acuity.  And yet, there are very few resources to help both new and experienced climbers overcome the obstacles they encounter within the mental landscape.

Many climbers today are debilitated by fear, stuck in performance plateaus, or endlessly pursuing egoic accomplishments.

Join Sevve Stember, a Warrior’s Way trainer and an AMGA certified guide, in an honest discussion about his journey with limiting beliefs, fear of falling, and the power of language.  In addition, you’ll be exposed to different opportunities that will propel your climbing forward, both physically and mentally.  Don’t miss it!

Friday,  Nov. 19th, 5:00p.m.outdooradventureexpo.com

Christopher A Wallace

We are a family business (Trek Ski Plus - Aosta Valley Adventures) that takes people on trekking trips in the Aosta Valley region of the Italian Alps.

Our trips explore some of the most beautiful valleys and trails in the Italian Alps.  Our itineraries go near four of the highest peaks in Western Europe:  Monte Rosa, Grand Paradiso, Mont Blanc, and the Matterhorn.  We have 30 years experience hiking and climbing in the area.


Trek in the Italian Alps

My wife Marilisa and I met in Switzerland when I ski instructed there.  Marilisa grew up in Cervinia at the foot of the Matterhorn.

For the last thirty years, we have spent every summer hiking and climbing among these mountains.  We often hiked with friends that came to visit us, and as time passed, the number of people who wanted to join us grew.  Finally, we decided it was time to include anyone who has a passion for hiking, who is curious about savoring the local cuisine and who is eager to make new friends.

Join us as we show off this spectacular region of the Alps!

Saturday,  Nov. 20th, 2:15p.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-103

Sunday,  Nov. 21st, 11:00a.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-102

Natalie Warren
Natalie Warren

A lifelong paddler and river lover, Natalie was one of the first two women to paddle from Minneapolis to Hudson Bay.  She has since canoed the length of the Mississippi River and won first place in the Yukon River Quest in the women’s voyageur division, paddling 450 miles in fifty-three hours.

A contributing writer to outdoor publications, she has worked with Bancroft Arnesen Explore, St. Croix River Association, and River Management Society, and she started a nonprofit to present urban rivers as natural, dynamic classrooms for youth.

She is currently a PhD student in the Communication Studies department at the University of Minnesota studying Environmental Communication.  Natalie lives in Minneapolis with her husband, daughter, and dog.

Hudson Bay Bound: Two Women, One Dog, Two Thousand Miles to the Arctic

Natalie Warren recounts her journey as one of the first two women to canoe the 2,000 mile route from Minneapolis to Hudson Bay, a route made famous by Eric Sevareid in Canoeing With the Cree.


In this presentation, Natalie intertwines environmental and social speculations, challenges on the trail, and heart-warming stories to tell the tale of this historic expedition and the enduring wonder of the wilderness.

Visit natalie-warren.com for more information about the expedition and the book Hudson Bay Bound.

Sunday,  Nov. 21st, 11:00a.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-105

Alison Young (Blissful Hiker)
Alison Young

Blissful Hiker (alison young) is a solo, middle-aged, female hiker who's walked over 10,000 miles on six continents.

She was a national host with American Public Media for 13 years and now works as a podcaster, blogger and voice artist.

She’s backpacked on six continents and right before Covid shut down the world, walked New Zealand’s “long pathway” Te Araroa and the Pacific Crest Trail.

Find our more at (BlissfulHiker.com) and by listening to her Spotify podcast 'The Pee Rag, Unfiltered Adventures of the Blissful Hiker'.

Te Araroa - New Zealand's Long Pathway

Created a dozen years ago, Te Araroa – which in Maori means 'the long pathway' – is New Zealand's answer to the Appalachian Trail.  Spanning 3,000 kilometers from Cape Reinga in to Bluff, it touches volcanos, beaches, bush, and alp on both islands in one of the most thrilling thru-hikes of one's life.

What motivates a middle-aged woman to brave extreme weather, precarious river crossings, swarms of sandflies and epic mud?  Breathtaking scenery and a renewed sense of wonder!

Join Blissful Hiker Alison Young for stories and images of her spectacular solo tramp of New Zealand’s 3,000 kilometer “Long Pathway,” Te Araroa.

Sunday,  Nov. 21st, 1:30p.m.,  U of M – Hanson Hall, Room 1-102

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